Up Against Amanda Behind the Scenes


It all started with a feature length horror film starring their school's homecoming queen which went on to garner a great deal of media attention and turned a substantial profit. Rissi went on to major in Cinema and Television Production at USC and Perez majored in Journalism at the same university, eventually becoming the entertainment editor at the school's prestigious Daily Trojan.

After graduating from USC, Perez had a flourishing career as one of the Public Relations industy's star account executives until courageously starting his own Public Relations firm, CSP Communications. With Perez's trademark energy and enthusiasm, CSP became a runaway success growing from a one man operation to a thriving corporation with a large staff of employees.

In the mid 1990's Magnet Communications, Inc., a major player nationally in the marketing and PR world, eventually made a generous bid to buy out Perez's company which he couldn't refuse.

Today, Perez divides his time between his work as a vice president of Magnet and his doting family, wife Susan and their two lovely daughters.

Maintaining his interest in producing movies with Rissi and devoting more time to that ambition in the future, Perez has kept up to date on Rissi's movie career and participated wherever possible, as in his financial backing of UP AGAINST AMANDA.

Executive Producer of the movie, Perez was excited to become the chief financial backer of the picture and brought several other investors on board. Additionally, Michael Rissi's brother Robert and school buddy Kurt Tiedt, both major players in the real estate field were key investors. But aside from Michael Rissi himself and his wife Co-Producer Maria Lydia Rissi, no one placed more money and faith in the picture than Perez.t


Having known each other since their high school days when they were classmates at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California, Christopher Perez and Michael Rissi can recall more than one moviemaking experience together.