Up Against Amanda Behind the Scenes
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Casting for Up Against Amanda began with a standard listing in auditioning actors trade publications. Once actors from all over the country sent in head shots and resumes, the process of selection began.

Having impressed them with her previous work which she submitted on tape, Justine Priestley landed the role of Amanda at once. The remaining lead roles of Richard and Laurie as well as several other supporting roles required extensive auditioning.

Writer/Director Rissi and Producer Williams set up several days of auditioning appointments at the Rissi Productions offices in the San Fernando Valley.

For the part of Richard, the hot tub seduction scene from the movie was used to determine who best could convey Richard in a sympathetic, but believable way. Using only sides from the script and a chair along with his imagination, David De Witt gave a knockout audition. With Maria Lydia's final stamp of approval, he won the part.

For the part of Laurie, many potential hopefuls delivered terrific performances during the audition process. A lip sync tryout along with the scene from the movie when Laurie discovers her husband has cheated on her were the criteria for determining who best could fill the role. Besides her natural beauty and winning charm, Karen Grosso was ultimately chosen because of her very powerful emotional portrayal of the experience of betrayal.

Since Rissi specifically wrote the part of Buzz for Chuck Williams to play, there were no auditions for that role.