Up Against Amanda Behind the Scenes


RICHARD: You just don't give up, do you?
AMANDA: It's not about me giving up. It's about you giving up…on something that could be wonderful…for both of us.
From the Up Against Amanda script by Michael Rissi

For most of the last century, motion pictures have dominated the entertainment landscape as the most popular and powerful form of escapism for millions of ticket buyers. Only recently, however, has it been possible for independent filmmakers to compete with the studios.

Nowadays, the means of production is growing increasingly affordable at a level unheard of even a decade ago. In other words, getting a movie made no longer depends strictly on getting the green light from a major studio, but more so on the commercial viability of the proposed project.

With this in mind, the filmmakers behind Up Against Amanda were some of the first ever to produce a quality independent film utilizing the best talent available with limited resources. They knew from the outset that their challenge was to bring a sense of Hollywood suspense and intrigue to audiences using mostly style and ingenuity.

It's no wonder that the man who discovered this remarkable, odds defying movie and picked it up for distribution to a worldwide audience is none other than the master of ultra low budget movies himself, Roger Corman. Up Against Amanda fits perfectly with Corman's formula over the years for producing maximum impact with an absolute minimum of resources.