Full Credit Roll

Amanda Lear is a troubled young woman with a horrifying past. After suffering the abuse of a wretched stepfather, Amanda

Unknown to the authorities, Dr. Arnold has secretly grown very attached to Amanda and desires to see her on a continuing basis, but for less than altruistic reasons….

Richard is a successful music critic whose wife, blues singer Laurie Kerrigan, is now spending more and more time away on the road.

Amanda sparks up what seems like a harmless friendship with the somewhat introverted Richard. Before long, it grows increasingly clear that Amanda's intentions concerning Richard are deeply obsessive, driving her to become manipulative and controlling.

Renting a house for the unstable Amanda, Dr. Arnold neglects to consider the affects of her unavoidable meeting with a very handsome next door neighbor, Richard Pierce.
She has never known a "nice" man before and unfortunately has never developed the emotional tools necessary to handle her affections and desires.
So she draws from another toolbox altogether….
is placed in the care of a psychiatric ward. Following years of rehabilitation, her doctor, Dr. Arnold, recommends her release.